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Forums » General Gigapanning » Database for tracking panos while shooting

Database for tracking panos while shooting
David Zakary David Zakary
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I’m putting together a small database for me and that would on iOS devices in order to document stuff in the field.

Depending on how it goes I may make it available for other GigaPan’ers to download. Wanted to get some feedback on the info that I’m currently planning to record and see if

a) I’m missing anything really obvious or
b) anyone has any ideas for additional fields that would be useful.

This is what I’m tracking right now (divided into sections)….

Gear section
Item name (Nikon D300, etc.)
Item type (lens, camera, tripod, etc)
Purchase date
Purchased at
Purchase price
Serial number
Photo of item

Panorama section
Pano Name
Total photos (calculated)
Starting photo #
Ending PHoto # (calculated)
Shutter speed
Camera used
Lens use
Focal length
Thumbnail (taken with iOS device)
List of skipped photos
White balance setting

The database would run on iOS only (no Blackberry, no Android, so don’t bother asking). Database would require FileMaker Go on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to run.

Anyone have any other suggestions for what might be useful?

Forums» General Gigapanning » Database for tracking panos while shooting