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Welcome to the GigaPan Forum!

This is the place for Gigapan.com members to offer peer-to-peer support for exchanging tips, ideas, comments, etc.

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Forums » General Gigapanning » Image size when shooting

Image size when shooting
David Zakary David Zakary
Total Posts: 18

Going to try shooting my first pano this weekend. I’ve got a feeling I know the answer to this but thought I’d ask anyway…

When shooting a pano – what are the recommendations for image resolution and format? Noticed that the Stitcher app doesn’t support Camera RAW files, so JPEG or TIFF at the max resolution of the camera?

Ron Schott Ron Schott
Total Posts: 90

To make the most of the zoomability, which is GigaPan’s killer feature, you generally want to shoot as large an image as you can shoot sharply. I have always shot maximum resolution JPG files for my GigaPans.

Uri Fans Uri Fans
Total Posts: 21

I really would like to go with RAW files and use Lightroom to batch convert them to lossless TIFF before stitching. Not sure how practical that is, but it sure would be nice.

Leon Herbert Leon Herbert
Total Posts: 2

I don’t think that should be a problem, and if you want to use another software it should then be fine to use the camera raw.

markus hoerl markus hoerl
Total Posts: 1

hey david, i am doing all my pictures in raw first, then go into nikon nx (if i would have lightroom i would use this) make the corrections (if there are any ;-) ) and export the pics as tiff and stitch the gigapan ….works better than jpg and gets sharper images markus

Shawn Long Shawn Long
Total Posts: 1

The amazing amount of resolution offered by the D800 has a significant downside.

bkaylor bkaylor
Total Posts: 29

If you don’t shoot in RAW you may get stuck with a bad white balance that could have been easily corrected.

Hey Shawn:
A D800 owner walks into a bar and sits next to a gigapanner. The gigapanner looks bummed out, so the D800 owner says, “Hey, why the long face?” The gigapanner looks up and says, “I just shot this huge panorama, it’s almost 100 megapixels! But the stitcher isn’t working, I think one of my images is missing.” The D800 owner thought about this a moment and then asked, “Is it the left one or the right one?”

jaxmagik jaxmagik
Total Posts: 1

Shawn, what go you mean about D800’s resolution downside?

Jimmy Smith Jimmy Smith
Total Posts: 5

Both JPEG and TIFF image formats are available. Generally, resolution depends upon the size of pixel. Smaller the size of pixel, higher will be the resolution and more clear will the object in image.

Forums» General Gigapanning » Image size when shooting