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Competition: Water in Gigapixels

Water in Gigapixels


Thank you to everyone who participated in the "Water in Gigapixels" Competition!

This competition's winners are:

1st Place: Chris David - Barron Falls
www.gigapan.com/gigapans/1233952nd Place: Roland Saikali - Wartook Lake
www.gigapan.com/gigapans/1075823rd Place: Kimmo Juoperi - Valkeakoski Riipparit3 Nokia 808 Pureview
www.gigapan.com/gigapans/122781Thank you to everyone who participated. View all the submissions below!

Competitions Stats

Sponsored by: Gigapan Curator
Enter by: Submission period over.
Number of Entries: 32
Average Size: 1.38474 gigapixels

Competition Entries:

voting ends March 03, 2013, 12:00AM