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The GigaPan Store - Products, software and accessories to create gigapixel panoramas.

Welcome to the Gigapan Store!

Discover innovative, revolutionary and award winning products for creating gigapixel panos.

Gigapan EPIC

EPIC robotic camera mounts make it fun and easy to capture incredibly high resolution images with almost any camera!  Part of a fully integrated solution, EPIC robotic camera mounts work seamlessly with Gigapan Stitch software (included) and Gigapan.com.

How it Works

Simply attach your camera and the EPIC directs you through the steps to capture a gigapixel image. Set the upper left and lower right corners of your panorama and the EPIC automatically organizes the hundreds or even thousands of photos your camera will take into rows or columns. The robotic arm clicks away to capture amazing detail in a short amount of time.

Gigapan Stitch Software

Gigapan Stitch is included with purchase of EPIC, EPIC 100 or EPIC Pro! Upgrade to the more advanced features of Stitch.Efx for an additional $70.00! (Regularly $149 when purchased separately).

Once you have captured your shot, upload the images onto your computer and open Gigapan Stitch to blend your individual pictures together into a single gigapixel panorama. Learn more

EPIC 100 for a broad range of point and shoot cameras

EPIC 100

for a broad range of
point and shoot cameras

$479 Click arrow to purchase the Epic 100

EPIC Pro for DSLR Cameras


for DSLR cameras

$995 Click arrow to purchase the Epic Pro

Award Winning!

Epic Pro wins Editor's Choice Award from
Popular Photography and American Photo

Which EPIC is right for you?

GigaPan Store

There is an EPIC robotic camera mount specifically for you and your camera. You can search by camera to find which is the right EPIC for you. Or see a complete list of compatible cameras.

Gigapan Stitch Software

GigaPan Stitch Software

We designed Gigapan Stitch software to work seamlessly with the Gigapan EPIC. Upload the images onto your computer and into Gigapan Stitch software to create your gigapixel panorama image.

EPIC Equipment Video

Unleash the power of your camera and learn how use Gigapan technology to capture, explore and share high-resolution images.

Questions? We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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