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GigaPan Reviews

Product Reviews

The Gadget Show

"The results are pretty stunning, as Jason and I found out this week, and what’s ever better is that there’s already a growing online Gigapan community for you to upload and share your panoramic masterpieces. This could well be the future of photography."- Suzi Perry
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"It takes a little while to learn (although less time than, say, a new Nikon SB-900 flash) but the Gigapan is a lot of fun once you get used to it I imagine you could actually make some images which are artistically good as well just technically interesting." - Charlie Sorrell
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"All in all I am very impressed with the Epic 100.  Keep in mind that the Gigapan Epic is best suited to larger scale events and landscapes where you can position the Epic 100 back quite a distance from the scene.   It is incredibly precise and is a breeze to setup and use.  Once I had a couple of panoramas under my belt, I was able to set up the Epic 100 on my tripod, place and position the camera on it's camera plate, set the FOV (field of view) and give it the starting and ending positions of the panorama all in less than 5 minutes." - Ron Risman
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